I’m Katie

A wife to my grade school crush, Stephen, mom to Brooks – 6 and Maddie – 3.

Life got, over the top busy, after my daughter was born. My son developed some extreme aversions to anything other than Mac and Cheese. In no small part, I’m sure, because my husband had an extreme aversion to almost everything other than Bacon and French Fries. He has come a long way though in the last few years, but the challenge to feed my family got (and still can be) REAL.

My journey began 3 years ago when I started my own health and wellness journey. More on that later.

I began meal prepping and have done this in many different ways. I started by preparing all of my meals so they were ready to grab and go from my fridge. I loved the result of spending a couple of hours in the kitchen preparing a weeks’ worth of food. However, it wasn’t always possible for me to do, and the clean up took a lot of time.

One day, when limited on time, I decided to prep parts of the recipes I had planned for the week all together and then they would be ready to throw together, later in the week, .  That first prep night I was shocked at how fast things went and how clean up was cut in half.  That week my refrigerator was filled with sliced meats, chopped vegetables, sauces, salads, and dressings. When it was time for dinner, some olive oil in the pan, along with some spices, vegetables and protein and PRESTO – dinner was ready in 15 minutes.

The kitchen was relatively untouched on those nights. A pan, and a few containers, were all that needed to be washed. The floor didn’t even need to be swept!

I knew I had just created the perfect scenario for my busy life and it just wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share tips and tricks with you, along with recipes that go with it.

Every week I make time to prep my meals one of those ways, so you do you when you plan for the week. Just be sure to get your prep on! You will thank me for it later.

My goal is to provide you with yummy recipes that you, too, can prep in advance and cook, during the week, on your own time. A simple Egg bake, maybe a morning shake, two to three lunches, and three dinners are just an example of what you will see when I share weekly meal preps.

 I will be sharing everything from recipes with prep tips, along with the occasional weekly meal plan which would include a grocery list and prep guide. A lot of behind the scenes can be seen on my Instagram stories over at @Katiejakemer as well.

My hope is that this simplifies your life as it has simplified mine.

Let’s get cooking!




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